About Grace

I’m Grace.  I’m 23, newly married to the love of my life, Jojo.  New mommy to pound puppy Alici (AhLEEchee).

I am a real estate agent and substitute teacher in beautiful Tucson, Arizona!

I have 3 younger brothers and a younger sister, and hope to have my own big family someday!

I watch too much tv, eat too much amazing food, drink too much wine, and am way too obsessed with my husband, parents, siblings, and puppy, but hey, it makes for a fabulous life!

In short, I am so blessed.

This blog is to help me start appreciating what God has given me instead of complaining about my thighs.



2 thoughts on “About Grace

  1. hey jojo!

    Thank you for following my blog a few mths ago! I just wanna share with you that I have recently changed host (nearly died along the way 🙂 ) and if you like, please come again to my blog and you can type in your email address as with the change in host from wordpress, new posts will not get delivered to your email address like the last time.

    So if you like posts to get delivered to your email address like the past, you have to type in your email again. It only appears in your reader now, so if that works for you, then it is ok.

    thank you

  2. Hi Grace – just read about your mpfl surgery. I had the surgery in may 14 – surgery no 5 regarding patella sublex but first time mpfl :-/ Your story growing up with fear of sublex is just like mine ❤
    If you are interested in exchanging experiences please find me on Facebook (Pernille Posborg) or email me (pernilleposborg@gmail.com).
    Take care!

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