Days 3 and 4

According to this blog that I am loosely following for my Paleo challenge (do you like how I am no longer using the 30 Day part? Haha!) on Day 5 I will feel incredible and have tons of energy!  Well…I certainly hope that’s the case because I am feeling like a sloth!  I am supposed to be re-decorating our powder room and let me tell you…I have not done even the first step!

Long story short, Paleo is HARD.  Not as hard as other diets that I’ve attempted, since I’m really not hungry.  Paleo is all about fueling your body with nutritious food and avoiding dairy and grains, not counting calories.  Thank goodness for that!  So I understand I’m going to sound like a baby saying this but OH MY GOSH I WANT SOME BREAD/PASTA/CHEESE!!!


I might kill someone for a slice of that right now!

I am not known for having the strongest willpower, especially when it comes to food.  However, I have not cheated AT ALL in four days!  It may not sound like much, but it’s a huge accomplishment for me!

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been eating:

Day 3:

Breakfast – Two bfast quiche

Lunch – A can of tuna with avocado mashed in it, red peppers, and a grapefruit

Dinner – Honey mustard baked salmon with roasted baby carrots and onions with a little brown butter, and broccoli

Dessert – Dark chocolate and some fruit salad (not great when you can’t add sugar!)

Day 4:

Breakfast – Fried eggs and nitrate-free/grass-fed bacon

Lunch – Salad with lots of veggies, turkey shreds, olive oil and balsamic, a grapefruit, half an avocado

Dinner – Baked skinless chicken thighs (dressed with Frank’s hot sauce like fake wings), TBD veggies, and Cauliflower breadsticks (without the cheese of course!)

Tomorrow is Friday which means we will be going to my parents’ house for dinner/happy hour.  I’m TERRIFIED!  I don’t want to cheat, but my parents are both amazing cooks and my siblings are junk food hounds!  Plus Mom and I usually enjoy a couple delightful, fruity cocktails on Fridays!  I found this infographic about Paleo drinking:

I don’t know about you, but tequila or vodka with any of those Paleo-friendly mixers doesn’t sound very delish to me.  I think I’m going to stick to red wine, and only two glasses!

Wish me luck…


One thought on “Days 3 and 4

  1. Well, that doesn’t sound like a fun Friday!! It sounds horrible, but I will say that you’ve never stuck with any diet for longer than 4 days, so kudos to you! I don’t want to be the reason that you go off, so you are welcome to plan a paleo friendly meal if you like. 🙂

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