Well in true Grace fashion I started this blog and promptly ignored it almost into nonexistence! Instead of give up completely or guilt myself into setting some outrageous daily posting goal, I’m just going to accept that I am a procrastinator extraordinaire and write when I get around to it.  After all, didn’t I create this blog to cultivate self-acceptance?

So in the past month, I dumped an entire cup of water on my brand new laptop (while it was open…while I was watching Netflix instead of doing anything productive).  Shockingly, after a week with the battery removed, it started right up again!  Thank the Lord (although I was already shopping for a fancy schmancy touch-screen one)!

Unfortunately, I haven’t put any of my pictures on this laptop yet, so I have nothing exciting to post except for this Instagram pic of one of my favorite Pinterest meals!  Here is the link to the recipe:

Am I the only one addicted to Pinterest projects?  It’s all I want to do!  I must say I am far more active on Pinterest than on this blog…boo!  If you’re on Pinterest, you should follow me,